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Ellen Jewett Sculpture

natural history surrealism

External Services:
  • creaturesfromel@livejournal.com
Welcome to the Creatures from El livejournal. Formally I’ve only offered Creatures from El via conventions and art shows. However, due to popular request I have created this journal to allow for online purchase and viewing of works as they are produced.

Please send any and all inquiries to my email at creaturesfromel@gmail.com


Policies - Updated 07/19/11


I'm currently accepting paypal, cheque or money order for payment, please email me with your inquiries. Don’t see the type of creature you want? Email me to see what’s currently on the sculpting table.


All customers in the Guelph Ontario area (or those willing to drive to Guelph) may contact me to make arrangements for picking up pieces they have viewed online.


All Canadian parcels are shipped via expidited post and all international parcels by light packet air or expedited, depending on size and destination. If you desire next day or rushed orders please email me. I mail sculptures on a regular basis to North America, Europe and Australia. Creatures from El have also found their way to China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil and many other locations!

They are more robust than they look! All sculptures are packed carefully in high quality mattress foam for safety and will be tested prior to mailing. Packing materials, including foam, plastic, peanuts and boxes, are all kindly donated manufacturing extras which were otherwise going to the landfill. So even though the packaging of sculptures must be excessive, to keep them safe, rest assured they are green by virtue.


Are you accepting commissions? Yes! Currently commissioned work accounts for a large part of creatures from el. Minimum custom order is $100 for an 8” ish inch figure (see example; http://creaturesfromel.deviantart.com/art/just-another-little-dragon-111171022 ). Detail increases with size and so does price. If you have a larger piece in mind please email me with your preferred budget and we can work within that to create the most spectacular possible sculpture.

Common commission subjects include

-recreation of your own characters from illustration or description
-recreation of themes found in my previously sold works
-complete originals from vague or specific ideas
-custom naturalistic animals or pets

I also do custom miniatures (usually under 2”) of extremely high detail. These have their own pricing scheme so please email me if you are interested in a miniature.


Other Stuff

Any order and commission inquiry email that was not responded to within a few days may not have arrived in my inbox. No order, even if a piece is unavailable, will be ignored so please resend emails that did not receive a response.

Although I occasionally find a moment to answer sculpting related inquiries I simply do not have time to answer all art-teaching questions. My sincere apologies, as I do not mean to ignore anyone. If you are interest in sculpting lessons please inquire

My Email again is Creaturesfromel@gmail.com